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From Pain to Power: Why Endometriosis Calls for Strength, Not Sympathy

This year has been an exciting yet hard year for me. I've really worked on going from pain to power. I've done my best to transform some of my life's more difficult challenges into some of my biggest successes and ways to help others. But, it appears that there are not many who see my life with the same rose tinted glasses. 

In this post I talk about the challenges around how others view women with endometriosis and why we need to be met with strength, not sympathy, when battling this disease.

Jessica Murnane on Living with Endometriosis

Jessica Murnane is one hell of an endosister. Five years ago, endometriosis had left her bedridden, depressed and with cysts the size of oranges. Fast forward to today and with the help of a diet change, Jessica is now happy, managing the disease and even has a cook book on the horizon, One Part Plant. She is the driving force behind the One Part Plant movement, which we get to read more about later on and her incredible podcast, One Part Podcast, is inspiring people across the globe. Jessica has taken her experience of endometriosis and diet, using it to not only change her body, mind and career, but also to support thousands of other people in positively changing their diets, one meal at a time.