Welcome to This EndoLife


Living with endometriosis, diagnosed or undiagnosed, is a long term struggle that can affect so many areas of a woman's life. From having to reduce work or leave work entirely, to not being able to have a social life or start a family, it is a brave and challenging fight to live a life with this disease. The aim of This EndoLife is to inspire women to embrace their bodies as they are and work with their bodies to create a better sense of well-being, rather than constantly being at war with themselves. The nutrition tips, recipes, and lifestyle advice all serve to reduce symptoms and severity of the disease and empower women to live a happier and fuller life.


I am just a woman with endometriosis, on a personal journey to improve my health and well being and hoping my findings will be useful to others. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist and have no background in either - just a passion and interest. I do not suggest you use the lifestyle and nutritional options on this website as an alternative to the treatment a medical professional suggests - more so as a great addition!