Welcome to This EndoLife

This EndoLife is a digital platform, podcast, bookclub and series of events dedicated to empowering people to live and thrive with endometriosis, through holistic lifestyle changes, diet and natural treatment options.

EndoLife is here to inspire those living with endometriosis to embrace their bodies and work with them, rather than against them. It’s about helping you understand endometriosis, and what makes your own symptoms worse and what helps you to manage. It’s about supporting you to create a life that’s full and happy, despite living with a chronic condition.

The alternative treatments, endometriosis diet recipes, and lifestyle advice from guests, experts, and myself, all serve to help treat endometriosis naturally and reduce symptoms. This isn’t a website against surgery, painkillers, or hormones, but my story involved having to find others ways to manage endometriosis because these didn’t work for me. I’m here to offer options that help you design a way of living with endometriosis that works for you.

Endometriosis does not yet have a cure - neither myself or any guests who appear on the podcast or blog, assume our methods are a cure. Instead, they are options for management. Endometriosis affects everyone differently, so whilst I have researched various ways of coping, they may work for some and not for others.

I am not a medical expert or nutritionist (which is why I invite great experts onto the show!). The methods I offer are from a mix of research, personal experience and guest information and knowledge. They are not to be considered a replacement to medical treatment, please speak with your doctor in regards to any medical changes or decisions.

The endometriosis diet is a guide of foods known to trigger symptoms in some of us. For a comprehensive and tailored diet, please consult a nutritionist.

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