Welcome to My EndoLife


My name is Jessica, I'm a twenty something Londoner and I've been living with diagnosed endometriosis for 7 years, but have suffered with the symptoms since my teens. Due to lack of medical support and a bad reactions to pain killers and hormones, I have spent the past few years researching ways to reduce the symptoms, growth rate and impact of endometriosis on my life. On my journey I have heard countless stories of women's struggles and have become bitterly disappointed and frustrated with the continuous theme of a lack of understanding, even in the medical world. I wanted to channel these emotions into something good and so began looking for ways to support others.

I have much to learn about the disease, treatments, nutrition and life style options and do not know the answers, only what has and hasn't worked from me. I would love to hear from others with different information and experiences as I appreciate everyone's journey with endometriosis is personal and individual. I hope to grow This EndoLife into a project that inspires, empowers and begins conversation.

Please feel free to reach out and get in touch via email: hello@thisendolife.com or on social media.

Jessica x